Leaked Image Reveals New Look Of 2012 VW Golf 7

www.SACarFan.co.za - VW Golf 7 Rendering

The Volkswagen Golf 6 has been in showrooms for less than a year, but already we have the best images yet of how its successor is shaping up. Information on this radical new hatchback, slated for a 2012 debut, has come from the most unlikely source – VW itself!

A promotional video for VW’s recently revealed L1 concept, accidently revealed a groupe of designers hard at work on a clay styling model of the next-generation Golf 7 in the background. You can see a freeze-frame from that video below.

www.SACarFan.co.za - VW Golf 7 Teaser

It might be a bit blurry, but the photo proves that work is well underway on the new Golf 7, suggesting a particularly short lifecycle for the current Golf 6.

www.SACarFan.co.za - VW Golf 7 RenderingAs with the transition from Golf 5 to Golf 6, styling changes will be subtle and evolutionary – in keeping with the firm’s existing design language. Changes include a sharper snout and more steeply raked windscreen, as well as narrower headlights and more pronounced wheel arches.

VW is staying tight-lipped about the leaked image, but the scene has been promptly erased from the official video.

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