Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion Is Most Fuel Efficient Golf Ever

Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion

Volkswagen has announced its most fuel efficient Golf ever at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion boasts a measly combined cycle fuel consumption of 3.2 L/100km.

The Golf 7 BlueMotion is 15 percent more fuel efficient than the model it replaces and emits just 85 g/km CO2. To put the non-hybrid BlueMotion in perspective, the petrol-electric Toyota Prius hybrid requires 3.9L/100km and emits 89 g/km CO2. With its 50-litre fuel, the Golf 7 BlueMotion has a theoretical range of just over 1 500 km.

Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion

The astounding economy figure has been achieved with a number of efficiencies introduced with the new Golf 7. The car’s new MQB platform helps to shed a total of 67 kilograms over the previous generation, while optimised aerodynamics, which include a 15 mm lower ride height, take aerodynamic drag to a coefficient of 0.27. Other BlueMotion efficiency measures include low rolling-resistance tyres, taller gear ratios, an engine stop/start system and brake energy regeneration.

Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion

The final piece of the eco-friendly puzzle is Volkswagen’s latest 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder, TDI turbo-diesel engine, which produces 81 kW and 250 Nm of torque. The new engine has been design for reduced internal friction, while other technologies include: a thermal management system with shortened warm-up phase; exhaust gas recirculation and a cylinder pressure sensor; an oxidation catalytic converter; diesel particulate filter; as well as a NOx storage catalytic converter to control emissions.

Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion

Standard equipment on the Trendline specification includes: air conditioning; daytime running lights; electric door mirrors; electric windows; height adjustable driver’s seat; to name a few. The Comfortline variant is fitted with 16-inch alloys, a different instrument cluster, leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear shift grip, as well as front comfort seats with lumbar supports.



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