Hoffy unleashes carbon-clad M4 Mamba

A new kit is available for the BMW M4 which is loosely based on the sort of flamboyant aerodynamics displayed in the GT3 series. If that sounds like a good recipe of Race-cum-Road then keep reading but be warned there’s nothing subtle about these images and purists are likely to favour the M4 GTS coming to South Africa in 2016.

m4 mamba

Hoffy is the tuning company behind the Mamba GT3 Street Concept which fuses FIA GT3 pyrotechnics stymied by those road legal requirements. Working with Casborn Styling the BMW M4 is a diabolical combination of swollen panels and sharp cutaways that only a bored teenager could dream up.

But it’s not only about causing a visual stir; behind those kidney grilles lies a reworked engine good for 530kW and an undisclosed torque figure of similar proportions. Acceleration to 100km/h of 3.1 seconds is roughly a second faster than standard and top speed unrestricted to 338km/h. No details as to how these figures came into being but it shows the enormous potential of the 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six.


Images of the new interior are yet to be released but Hoffy promises that the Mamba M4 will get new seats, a re-trimmed steering wheel and Alcantara where there was once leather. A custom HUD display is among the many bespoke parts, as is the 600-watt surround sound system.

Hoffy is in the process of rubber stamping a few more details but the kit could be available in February 2016.




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