New Pagani Huayra has more wing in ’16

Pagani began its New Year’s social media campaign with the rather lame observation, “2016 is coming.” Media moguls then followed this up with the hashtag “#?huayrabc,” and while that could just be a failing of predictive text, it might also be the new name reserved for the latest Pagani Huayra.


A soft answer arrived this week with a new teaser image which seems to mirror the prototypes that have been spotted running around Europe. These two separate occasions appear one and the same; the big wing an unmistakable similarity.

If this is the best image available, you can imagine that any news on the engine is purely speculative. A predicted evolution of the 6.0-litre V12 will an improvement over the engine’s current 522kW while revised aerodynamics, the tall rear wing notwithstanding, will see more discreet changes around the front splitter. Perhaps moveable devices like the McLaren P1 are still to come.

We’re only in the first week of the New Year and already the super cars are starting where 2015 left off. We’ll bring you more news on the new Pagani as soon as it happens.




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