Bosch pioneers the haptic touchscreen

Haptic and touchscreen are opposites in the technology world but for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas, Bosch will premiere technology that gives touchscreen the feel of buttons.

bosch haptics

The new haptic system by Bosch can respond to different levels of pressure, thereby making some actions perform faster and in bigger inciriments or bring up different menu settings altogether, purely based pressure.

President of Bosch’s car multimedia division Manfred Baden said: “The new touch screen combines the simple operation of mechanical buttons with the advantages of a touchscreen, significantly enhancing ease of operation. The innovative technology offers everything that is required to ensure its fast success on the market.”

Aside from ease of operation, the latest combination of sensory input will improve safety by reducing the time a driver needs to look away from the road. Having the feel of buttons makes operation more intuitive and less distracting for the driver.

Bosch further announced plans to develop autonomous parking technology and sources claim that Bosch has already partnered with a manufacturer. Other advancements on Bosch’s upcoming strategy include developing a cloud based system to alert drivers of potential hazards and a system that will scan for empty parking spaces. Some of this technology will be ready by 2018.


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