This LaFerrari is part of the furniture

We know what you’re thinking… this house isn’t suitable for a LaFerrari. Mid-range TV, drab curtains, old fashioned bookshelf and regular living room suite positioned amongst Ferrari’s latest, fastest and most expensive hypercar. The garage is where he possibly keeps the Ferrari 488 GTB.


No other details on this high octane living arrangement but we can assume the owner has witnessed one too many harrowing youtube videos featuring crashed LaFerraris and is petrified of taking his out onto the street. Instead he beefed up home security and widened the front door to keep his latest possession close at all times.

This might be the best cared for LaFerrari of the 499 produced yet a life under house arrest is not what Enzo Ferrari would have wanted it and this bittersweet gesture may deprive many petrolheads the chance to see one in action.

No other details have emerged and the identity of the owner may or may not be the same guy in the picture. Either way this Ferrari is a pretty impressive place to rest a cup of coffee.

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