Domain’ names pique interest in Apple Car

These days you can’t do anything in secrecy. Just ask Apple who thought that registering a few domain names wouldn’t set off any alarm bells. Now the internet has jumped to the conclusion that Apple is in the throes of building a car.

apple car

Domain names such as,, and were registered in December 2015 through Whois, but for the time being remain inactive. Another purpose behind the domain names could be for the CarPlay infotainment system which is becoming commonplace alongside Android Auto.

For many years Apple has been linked with the automotive sector in a response to the Google car – the latter recently rumoured to have partnered with Ford. In September 2014 media sources reported that Apple had built a workforce of 600 engineers, many of whom came from Tesla Motors, battery giants A123 Systems and Fiat Chrysler.

Codenamed Project Titan, the Apple car has a datum point of 2019 but before then we might see prototypes on the roads and if this image is anything to go by, Apple already has one victory over Google.


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