Small fault results in McLaren P1 recall.

The McLaren P1 is the second super car to be hit with a recall issue in two months. The first was the Ferrari 488 for a fuel line issue but in McLaren’s case the fault isn’t related to any of the complex hybrid gubbins – a relief for the British super car builder.

mclaren p1

Owners will be taking their P1’s down to the nearest dealer because of a faulty secondary latch on the hood. At first thought it sounds like a minor problem (that’s what the primary latch is for, right?) but if everything conspired against your best efforts, a loose hatch at 300km/h would result in one less Mclaren P1 on the roads.

The recall affects models built between March 1st 2013 and October 2015 – a potentially enormous number for any other manufacturer but in Mclaren’s case the period counts for just 122 vehicles. Perhaps take the LaFerrari to work this week.

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