Renault insists it will cut down on emissions

Renault has responded to findings that its car produce more NOx and Co2 than initially stated. However although these results were higher than acceptable levels, no evidence of cheat software has been uncovered by authorities.


The French government is currently testing more than 100 vehicles (25 of them being Renaults) for harmful levels of Nox and C02, causing havoc to share prices and brand image along the way. Anti-fraud officials reportedly confiscated several laptops from Renault’s employees while the company’s share price plummeted by nearly 25 per cent.

Renault continues to cooperate in the investigation and categorically denied foul play. It has reiterated that it does not use emissions cheating devices in its latest statement. PSA (Peugeot, Citroen) also issued a statement denying any use of illegal software or inaccurate emission figures.

Renault has promised to bring down these levels but one has to wonder how… Renault is a venerable leader in developing small capacity turbo engines and quite possibly any attempt to lower emissions would compromise driveability and performance.

We expect this is just the tip of the iceberg but it appears the defining point in this discussion, and what separates this case from Volkswagen’s, is whether or not a cheat device was installed.



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