Has crash testing delayed the Alfa Giulia

Remember when we reported that the Alfa Giulia’s launch date had been postponed (yes, hard to keep track of we know) but Alfa wasn’t letting on as to the reasons why?

alfa giulia

Now several sources are reporting that the Alfa Giulia has failed its in-house crash tests and costly re-engineering has placed the project back around six months. Good thing the Nurburgring driver didn’t know what danger he had strapped himself into when he successfully beat the M4’s lap record.

More specifically sources are claiming that the car failed front, side and rear crash tests… which if true would leave several engineers red faced at such a design blunder.

One doesn’t need to reiterate how bad this is for the Alfa brand which had pinned much of its aggressive role-out plan on this car’s success.

Although we later received a report from FCA spokesperson denying such reports, the fact that no clarity was given on the matter will do nothing to stop the rampant speculation.

There is some good news; Fiat Chrysler has poached former Ferrari chief engineer Roberto Fedeli from BMW where he will fill the role of chief technical officer for Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Fedeli designed the La Ferrari so he’s a good man to have in FCA’s corner and makes us cautiously optimistic for the brand’s future.


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