New Delhi: Datsun Go-Cross to bolster brand

When the Datsun Go was launched in South Africa, much of the local and international media lambasted it for not having airbags and miserably failing safety tests. Datsun then duly responded by fitting the Go with a driver airbag but the safety cell remains a bone of contention for some.

Datsun Go-Cross

All that said, would you believe that the Datsun Go sold nearly 100 units last months, making up a significant portion of Nissan’s overall volume? Like we said from the start, emerging markets are not overly concerned with safety and the thrill of buying a new car often takes precedence. Datsun Go has simply played the game with its low-cost offering and robust drivetrain.

And if there’s any weight about these images, Datsun Go could morph into an SUV. The Datsun Go-Cross is just a concept at this stage and according to the Japanese firm will target high-growth markets with a taste for fun and adventure.

With just the one model currently on sale, Datsun will be eyeing other segments and the Go-Cross could do surprisingly well in our market.










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