No RS but Fiesta ST Plus to deliver more power

A faster Ford Fiesta ST could be on the way and it won’t be badged RS. Details are vague at this point but some sources within Ford are hinting that the new model will fall under the name Ford Fiesta ST Plus.

fiesta st plus

Ford has been cagey about developing a fully-fledged RS version of its potent small hatchback perhaps because the ST range is already priced fairly tight and because the Mountune version, which we didn’t get in SA, filled that gap rather nicely.

A milder Fiesta ST Plus would therefore be priced somewhere around R360 000, giving it plenty of breathing room between the normal Fiesta ST and the larger Focus ST.

The Fiesta ST Plus is expected to retain the same 1.6-litre 4-cylinder turbo but tuned beyond the 176kW of the Mountune version. Other differences that would set it apart could likely include an aggressive aero kit and maybe even a limited edition colour as Ford likes to do.

Suspension tweaks to spring rates and anti-roll bars would further enhance what is already widely considered the best handling hatch on sale.

In the meantime Ford South Africa will be launching the Focus RS around May this year.

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