Could Range Rover be plotting a X6 rival?

It looks like the idea of a coupe SUV is going to stick around longer than we expected after spies recently came across a new Range Rover being tested on the roads of Europe.


What makes this specific test subject interesting is the fact that it embodies a shape that is not familiar with any other existing Range Rover models; the SUV-Coupe-crossover, as seen on the Mercedes GLE Coupe and Porsche Macan. For those of you still struggling to conjure up the image in your mind, think Range Rover Sport meets BMW X6M. The new model hasn’t received an official name yet, but we’re pretty certain that more will be revealed ahead of its debut in mid-2017.

Jaguar has received a lot of praise for the international success that came with the new Jaguar F-Pace since its launch at the beginning of the year, which brings us to assume that this new Range Rover is actually Land Rovers way of ‘cashing in’ on the market with their own unique take on the Sports Coupe SUV. Evidence supporting this assumption can be seen in the design of the new model itself, with the lowered roofline and steeply raked rear window bearing many similarities to the F-Pace.

The front of the new model is unmistakeably Range Rover, with an adapted version of the current Range Rover Sport’s swooping headlights and slotted grille. The familiar clamshell bonnet extends all the way to the windscreen and beneath it we would expect to find a variety of new and existing Jaguar and Land Rover powerplants.

range rover coupe

A DVLA number plate check on the spied model revealed that it was actually powered by a 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol engine, which is a first for the Range Rover Sport. JLR appears to be squeezing this engine into its entire product range at the moment; including the Jaguar F-Type which was spied testing out the same 2.0-litre engine just a few weeks ago.

Sharp steering is guaranteed, while the lower centre of gravity and other clever technology should keep body roll at bay. Land Rover will be looking to focus much of its efforts on making the coupe-SUV among the best in its class to drive, and we have a feeling that they just might be able to pull it off.


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