First images of McLaren P14 – the 650S replacement

One of the main drawcards at this year’s Geneva motor Show will be McLaren P14, seeing here in the first blotchy streaky image doing the rounds on Instagram.

Part of the Super Series range, the P14 (not the official name, although one of McLaren’s better choices) is the replacement for the McLaren 650S.

What do we know about the McLaren P14? At this point not much other than it should use a developed version of the V8 with power reaching above the 500kW mark and 0-100km/h in Porsche 911 Turbo S territory. That’s under 3 seconds, in case you didn’t know. At 1283 kilograms, the McLaren P14 is 200 kilograms lighter than a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Other conclusions we and other motoring hacks have made are about those pronounced creases around the front wheel which in bodywork language suggest more downforce. Customary McLaren side intakes are gone for smoother lines and the MonoCage roofline structure is long and flowing and allow for dihedral doors. These fancy sounding doors open to the side, then upwards at an angle. Think Koenigsegg…

The car’s cooling is around 15% better thanks to repositioning the radiators which feed off air directed from the new dihedral doors. Images of early protypes had the exhaust out the middle of the rear bumper while the rear lights are thinner like in the other Super Series models.

McLaren boss Mike Flewitt said: “This is the first time we have replaced a product family. The new Super Series will be a revolutionary leap forward, both for our brand and the supercar segment. Super Series is the core of the McLaren business and personifies the blend of extreme performance, crafted luxury and unparalleled driver involvement that is the McLaren heartland,” he added.


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