Merc’s latest E63 S Estate is a 290km/h superwagon

Just a few days after BMW revealed their new wagon, the  5 Series Touring, Mercedes have unveiled their 450kW answer to BMW – the new E63 S Estate.

Expected to debut in March this year at the Geneva Motor Show, the new ‘superwagon’ has come back with even more grunt than before. Powered by a 4.0L twin-turbo V8, the E63 S Estate produces 851Nm torque, helping it complete the 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.4 seconds via a 9 speed transmission. A fully variable all-wheel-drive system ensures the high torque figure is manageable, however a ‘drift mode’ allows 100% of the power to be sent to the rear wheels. Top speed is limited to 290km/h.

Other performance features include adaptive air suspension and damping as well as adaptive engine mounts. An electronic limited-slip differential will help to keep you pointing in the right direction and large 15.4 inch brake rotors (carbon ceramic option available) and 6 piston callipers up front will ensure that the E63 S has the stopping power to match it’s other impressive figures.

To aid efficiency, cylinder deactivation allows for half the cylinders to be turned off under low loads between 1000 and 3250 RPM.

The E63 S is expected to make it showroom floors towards the end of this year. It’s unlikely to be available in South Africa.

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