Ford’s fiery Fiesta ST with 147kW 3-cylinder engine

It’s the all-new 2017 Ford Fiesta ST, but it’s missing something very important…

The third-generation Fiesta ST manages to pull 147kW from Ford’s all new three-cylinder 1.5-litre Ecoboost engine; a similar output as its four-cylinder predecessor. The turbocharged engine propels the ST from rest to 100km/h in 6.7-seconds thanks to the 290Nm at its disposal. The new engine is also accompanied by three new driving modes (Normal, Sport and Track mode) which fine-tune engine, steering and stability controls to suit the situation.

“Next-generation Fiesta ST customers will benefit from innovations developed by Ford Performance for the Ford GT supercar and Focus RS hot hatch, including fuel injection and drive mode technologies,” said Ford Performance boss Dave Pericak.

Normal mode is, as its name suggests, the default mode, where each setting is configured to give a natural driving feel, while Sport mode takes the Fiesta ST to a whole new level. The power output is increased and throttle response is sharpened, making the car more agile, while the grunt of the exhaust gets louder through Ford’s Electronic Sound Enhancement technology and active exhaust valves.

Track mode epitomises the essence of the ST, where traction control is disabled and electronic stability control is set to wide-slip mode for circuit driving. Every system is carefully tuned with the fastest possible lap time being the primary objective. The ST’s chassis also integrates torque vectoring to reduce understeer and improve handling.

The new Fiesta ST will also make use of the world’s first cylinder deactivation technology in a three-cylinder engine, which improves fuel economy by deactivating one cylinder when full power is not necessary.

Recaro seats complement a flat-bottomed steering wheel, pulling the sporty energy of the ST into the interior. Customers will be spoilt for choice of a range of trims for the gear-lever, steering wheel and door pulls, as well as a number of styling packs.

Ford’s latest infotainment system, Sync3, will also make its way into the ST, with a gesture controlled 8” screen making all information available at the drivers’ fingertips. The ST will also offer an optional top-end Bang & Olufsen sound system.

The Ford Fiesta ST is expected to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.




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