Citi Vivo is SA’s new budget car

VW has always had a knack for creating Icons from just one brand. Chico, Rox, Velo-Citi, the list goes on and on. With Polo Vivo commonly being referred to as the new Citi Golf it makes sense for VW to brighten up the line-up and add this new colourful limited edition derivative with the Citi Vivo.

The VW Polo Vivo was launched in 2010 and 229 300 units have been produced so far. 2016 saw it sat atop the passenger car sales chart in South Africa. According to VW 70% of Vivos parts are sourced locally so from an economic standpoint, Vivo certainly is proudly South African.

With Just 2000 units available of the new Citi Vivo, demand will no doubt be high. Starting price is R177 300 and it comes with VW’s trusty 1.4i 55kW engine. Citi (Vivo) is shod with 15” wheels and tyres, similar to those found on the original Citi. With Polo already having class leading resale values, could Citi Vivo become an instant classic?

With heritage unlike any other car in South Africa, the Citi name carries with it much weight. This time VW have gone back to what was arguably one of the most iconic and memorable ad campaigns in South African history, and created another winner. You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s red, yellow or blue.

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