Mclaren 720S already sold out

Mclaren launches its 720S, and sells all 400 units.

The Mclaren 720S marks an important milestone for McLaren. This is the first ‘replacement’ vehicle the company has produced-  that is to say that across McLarens range, this is the first attempt at an improvement on one of their existing models.

The outgoing 650S is truly trumped when it comes to performances figures. The 4.0L twin-turbo in the 720S produces 536kW,  60kW up on its predecessor and the 0-100 km/h sprint has dropped by 0.2 seconds to 2.8s. Max out the Mclaren 720S and you’ll be doing a shade over 344 km/h and hitting an 8500 RPM redline.

The new Monocage II chassis incorporates butterfly style doors, similar to those found on the F1. This has allowed for a centre support beam in the roof to stiffen the chassis and hence allows the A pillars to be slimmed down to improve cockpit visibility and enhance the perception of speed. Substantial work has gone into the cabin to produce a more comfortable and sophisticated environment. Interior surfaces have been pushed further away to create more cabin space. The dash offers an uncluttered display while the centre console has a neat, minimalist arrangement of dials and buttons.  Of course, levels of trim and finished can be tailored to individual customers demands.

The styling has received mixed responses but it is purposeful in its design. Clever aerodynamics remove the need for a large rear wing, while Formula 1-esque barge boards channel air down the side of the car to radiator intakes. The bodywork is made of an aluminium skin, rather than carbon fibre as in previous models. This allows for the creation of more complex geometries while providing a crisper and cleaner finish with little to no increase in weight.  Overall downforce is up by 50% and cooling up by 15%.

Should you have R3.7 million (starting price) burning a hole in your pocket you’ll unfortunately have to find something else to do with it, because all 400 models are already sold.

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    Are these 400 units just for RSA, if so that’s impressive.

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