Aston Martin Valkyrie takes flight in 2019

After much speculation the Aston Martin Valkyrie is named, and set for production

Aston have stuck with the letter V, and just like the Vanquish, Vulcan and Vantage, have aptly named it’s low flying hyper car the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Production of the low volume hyper car will commence in 2019 and with only 150 units being built the car will no doubt be an instant classic.

Designed in conjunction with Redbull under the watchful eye of F1 uber designer Adrian Newey, the Valkyrie has its sights set directly on the top three cars in the super trumps deck; La Ferrari, Porche’s 918 and Mclaren’s P1.

Not an easy task considering this is Astons first attempt at a mid-engined super car.  The car will feature a naturally aspirated V12 built by Cosworth with supplementary electric power, giving the car the elusive 1:1 power to weight ratio.

The Valkyrie will give Aston Martin much needed credibility as a super-car builder and the British based firm will use some of that credibility for this second model, Aston boss Andy Palmer said in an interview with Autocar at the recent Geneva Motor Show.


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