The Grand Run a home run for SA Super Car pundits and fans

Super Car run set to go national

Breakfast runs are a dime a dozen so when approached by the guys from D1S and Velocity Cars to be part of an event that would do things a little different I jumped at the opportunity to join The Grand run.

The “twighlight run”  focused on networking, allowing super car owners to take a brisk drive around 100kM out of Cape Town to Scenic Worcester, have dinner network and party as hard as needed. The next morning The Grand Run drivers hit the road refreshed and thrilled to be associated with like minded owners and enthusiasts.

Industry leaders from all walks were present and due to the events huge success a Durban and Johannesburg leg are now planned too.

The highlight of the event was most certainly the La Ferrari belonging to a local Cape Town businessman.  For many, including me it was the first time I had seen it in the flesh. Other cars included Noer Asmodien’s 68 Camaro, not so much a super car, but funny how the crowds of onlookers at the Engen One Stop gave props to the Chevy.

SA’s only Liberty Walk Ferrari and Porsche were present, as well as at tuned Lamborghini Aventador SV.

Some sleepers were also present, such as Jacky Cheung’s  (yes that’s really his name) very quick, and highly tuned BMW M3.  Every Single Audi R8 iteration was represented from the older Audi R8 V8 to the sensational R8 V10 Plus.

Pace cars are usually the slower cars on these events but Razik Rajah, the pace car drive didn’t get that memo. His 700kW GT-R with a locally built body kit led the procession through the winding roads, tunnel and highways.

With events scheduled for Durban and Johannesburg in the next few months Supercar owners and enthusiasts can look forward to seeing these cars together and in person in the very near future..

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