Another GT-R breaks cover ahead of NY Auto Show

Hot pursuits gets even hotter.

There are lots of interesting stories popping up ahead of the New York Motorshow, few as interesting as “Copzilla”, a car built BY Nissan themselves to showcase how police work is done right.

The car sports a custom black matte wrap and police livery. We’re not sure where the city of Skyline is, but we love the play on words:  “Skyline Metro Police Department”. Now all those complaining about me sometimes calling the R35 a Skyline can just shush.

The car features adjustable coilover suspension, massive 22 inch wheels complete with spikes, although we suspect these are decorative. The massive Cosworth-esque whale tale at the back lets would be criminals know this is NOT a car to try to get away from.

Copzilla runs the standard but powerful enough 419kW GT-R twin-turbo V6 and we suspect the only place you’ll see this monster is at the New York Auto Salon and not during a routine inspection.

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    Modern day “Mad Max”

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