Dodge Demon, too Fast to race?

Dodge builds the world’s fastest "production drag car"

I had no idea that the title for “World’s fastest production drag car” existed, and it didn’t, until now.

Dodge has laid down the gauntlet so hard that it was declared war on all other manufacturers and started it’s very own power war.

This car is packed with so many firsts it’s hard to comprehend that it even made it off the factory floor, but these are the same guys that gave us the record breaking Viper ACR and Dodge Hellcat.

The car comes equipped with drag radials, a world first. It does 0-96 km/h in 2.3 seconds and off the line, if you get those sticky tires warmed up just right, you will pull up to 1.8G. These figures sound frankly, made up, but are vetted by NHRA in the best way possible: The car is banned from NHRA drag competitions.  You’d think this would be a bad thing, but it’ a badge of Honour the Dodge engineers wear proudly.

The Demon comes with two keys. The Black key limits power to a sufficient 375kW but engage the red key and you’ll have 626kW to expertly put down on the tar. Demon also has an official Guinness Record for lifting its front wheels off the ground, the only production car ever able to do this.


On top of all the figures you get  a power chiller, after-run chiller, TransBrake, Torque Reserve feature, narrower front wheels & tyres for the strip, and a “Demon crate” with parts and tools for the strip. Now most of these terms might seem unfamiliar, and that’s ok, but know that it makes Demon very very fast in a straight line.

Only 330 Demons will be built with all destined for either America or Canada. Expect these to be sold out immediately and become instant classics.

And the quarter mile time? A scarcely believable 9.65 seconds. Take that…ummm…everyone.

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