Three things we love about the 2018 VW Polo GTI

The Volkswagen Polo has been the main stay of the German Car makers line-up since the 70’s, yet only made it here circa 2000, with Polo GTi arriving much later.

Playing flank for the Golf since the Golf decided to grow up, Polo filled a much-needed gap for the younger VW enthusiast. But as will all cars these days, Polo has finally grown up, and so much so that it now comes equipped with a 149 kW 2.0 turbo-charged engine. The much-anticipated reveal took place last week and a few tasty details of the new polo have been released.

Here are our top three reason we love the new VW Polo GTi.

More Power

Polo comes with 6 extra kW but thanks to its 2.0 engine should have much more torque, and being that this is aimed at the younger buyer, more “tunablilty” for those willing to forgo the warranty and squeeze out even more power. Watch out Golf GTi owners!

The Cabin

By the looks of things, the interior of the new Polo gives nothing away to the Golf and some say looks even more premium than the 7.5. Well, Golf 8 might change that but for now it seems the new Polo has the snazziest looking interior of in the VW compact range.

The Looks

Polo GTi has filled out rather nicely and like a teenager that’s now playing first team rugby and finally made it out of that awkward phase, (Yes I’m looking at you Polo Playa) the 2018 Polo is by far the most attractive Polo package to date. Optional 18” wheels fill the arch rather nicely. Add to that optional LEDs, a roof spoiler, a diffuser and duel exhausts, VW has again hit the nail on the head when it comes to compact performance styling.

Polo GTi arrives on the international stage in 2018 and hopefully in South Africa around the same time.

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