Jaguar wins at Goodwood

Old and new take on the Hill

In a strange twist of irony, Jaguar has won a hill climb, but not the one they support locally. The Goodwood festival of Speed.

It was an eye candy filled weekend with cars ranging from 90 year old Bugatti’s to Formula one cars of various backgrounds, all rich in history, most driven close to the ragged edge.

A South African favourite was also featured as Chris Aberdien piloted the chirping and whistling Wesbank Audi up the Goodwood hill. A truly spectacular sight and one that I’m sure brought back many memories for any expats or visitors who may have been in the crowd.

In the Supercar category, it would be the Audi R8 Piloted by Chris Ward that would take victory with a dazzling display of precise driving. Missing the infamous walled chicane by mere millimetres. When it comes to hill climbs, that’s what it takes to win and it was enough to see off GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez who finished in second in the massively fast Nismo GT-R.   In the Race Cars for the Road category it was the BAC Mono that took a sterling victory with a time of 49.54 followed by the Caterham 620R.


But it was Jaguar who would have the final say in the Sunday shootout as Justin Law took the XJR12D to an inch perfect victory up the hill with a time of 46.13.  Just pipping Jeremy Smith in the Penske-Chevrolet PC22 who managed a best time of 46.22.  In 3rd place was rally ace and Isle of Mann record holder, Mark Higgins, 4th touring car legend and all round nice guy Anthony Reid and in 5th was Formula 1 Driver Nick Heidfeld. Incredible that all of these racers from all of these various disciplines could all be lined up on the very same grid.


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