Rolls-Royce Phantom teaser pictures released

The 8th Phantom unveiled later this week.

You may recall the buzz of the upcoming new Rolls-Royce Phantom being spied here in South Africa during its testing phase. Well, there’s good news if you’ve been waiting to see it without a disguise because the official debut will be taking place a lot sooner than you’d expect.
Rolls are keeping their cards close to their chest with their best poker faces ahead of the new Phantom’s full-unveiling on the 27th of July, in London, by releasing a few intriguingly dark photos of the new model.

An exhibition dubbed ‘The Eight Great Phantoms’ will introduce the eighth-generation of the flagship limousine to the world, alongside seven of the rarest and most exclusive Rolls-Royce models ever built.
The design of the new Phantom is more evolutionary than revolutionary with quite a few design elements being carried over from its soon-to-be predecessor.
Some of the updates, however, include a new grille which is now curved at the top compared to the current ‘house-roof’ design. We also get a glimpse of the interior, where a beautifully intricate wooden fascia adorns what we expect to be the dash. As with all Rolls’, expect all of this to be handcrafted to perfection.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom will be accompanied by another new model for 2018 in the form of Rolls-Royce’s first ever SUV, the Cullinan, which hopes to take the fight straight to the Bentley Bentayga and every other luxury SUV planning on entering the hot market. Interestingly, the Cullinan was also spied testing with the Phantom in South Africa earlier this year.
Another teaser image highlights the all-new lightweight aluminium architecture that the Phantom, Cullinan and other future Rolls-Royce models will be built on. The significant weight-reduction paired to the advanced technology and safety borrowed from the BMW 7-Series is sure to make the Phantom feel a bit lighter on its feet while retaining Rolls-Royces unmatched level of comfort.
If the BMW M760Li is anything to go by then we certainly don’t expect Rolls-Royce to abandon their signature V12 for a smaller turbo unit in the new model. There has also been some talk of a plug-in hybrid model among some of Rolls-Royces engineers, too. (Imagine all of that instant delicious torque!)
Order books will remain closed until 2018; luckily customers will have the opportunity to grab the last few of the fifty exclusive Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe ‘Zenith Collection’ cars until the new Phantom arrives.

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