428kW Jaguar XJR575 bound for SA

this one could fill up the order books.

The Jaguar XJR is back- and this time it comes with a bit more grunt than before. 18.6kW more, to be precise. Named the Jaguar XJR575 (indicating the 575bhp it produces), the rejuvenated Jag makes use of the same 5.0L supercharged V8 found in the 2017 XJR, but Jaguar’s engineers have now pushed the power figure up to a grand total of 428kW.

Along with a few aerodynamic tweaks, the XJR575 will hit a top speed of 299kph- a full 19kph up on the 2017 XJR.  The 0-100kph sprint is expected to be over in 4.2 seconds, however  the heavier and less powerful XJR L has clocked 0-100kph times under 4 seconds in testing, so you can assume that figure is rather conservative. An electronic active differential will help keep the XJR575 in check in the corners and make sure that  the 700nm of torque is being deployed as efficiently as possible.

The current XJ has been around since 2009. Technology has come a long way since then, and while the sleek looks of the XJ and its  variants have held up about as well as any manufacturer could hope for, there are a few tell-tale signs of its age. Most notably it lacks the latest and greatest safety features found on newer models, but the advanced driver assist systems available include emergency braking  and blind-spot, parking and lane-keep assist. There’s also a ‘Driver Condition Monitoring’ feature which uses a facial-recognition camera to warn the driver of inattention due to distraction or drowsiness. Quilted seats with contrasting stitching  and  XJR575 branded door sill plates are the most notable changes to the interior.

The exterior gets a number of changes, including unique twin hood louvres, restyled front bumpers, side sills and a small rear spoiler. A set of bright red brake callipers shrouded by 20-inch  gloss-black wheels  finish off the XJR575’s exterior.

The Jaguar XJR575 will be available in South Africa, but no official price has been given. Considering the 2017 XJR will set you back R2.5 million,  you can expect to part with hefty amount of cash…

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