Ford produces first OEM approved Drift Handbrake

It's called Drift Stick!

When the Focus RS was first conceived, everyone thought Ford had gone completely nutty, what with rear wheel drive bias and a “Drift Button”. Now Ford engineers have taken things a step further and developed the worlds first OEM approved “Drift Stick”.

Developed by Ford Performance engineers the Drift Stick plugs directly into the cars electronic management system. When tugged, it isolates the rear differential allowing only the rear wheels to lock up. The theory is that Focus RS owners will pull on said handbrake and continue onto a long lurid slide. The other alternative is to crash into whatever object is closest. The idea is absolutely bonkers but somehow the dreamers at Ford Performance got this one passed health and safety.

Ford insists that Drift Stick is only approved for use on closed courses.  Every 18 year old on the planet would beg to differ.

Check out the video to learn more.







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