Koenigsegg Agera RS hits 447km/h

The Agera RS is officially the fastest production road car on the planet.

Gone are the days when arguments were about the Lamborghini Diablos 328 km/h Guinness record or if the Ferrari F40 could top the elusive 200Mph barrier.  Things have sped up drastically the last few decades and although the big supercar manufacturers still hold crowns around the Nurburgring, The boutique manufacturers like Koenigsegg and Bugatti are fighting over the only one that matters in the game of Super Car Supertrumps: Top Speed.

After doing an average of 447 Km/H and topping out one way at a staggering 457 km/h the Swedish car manufacturer silenced any would-be pretenders to the throne with this blindingly fast run.

With Bugatti starting a speed war recently, and Koenigsegg answering back with an even faster 0-400km/h run, a final nail has seemingly been hit into the coffin, for now.

The run was done on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, the same tyres fitted to customer cars.

Check out the video to see both runs and experience what it’s like to be doing speeds of over 400km/h with Niklas Lilja behind the wheel of the Agera RS



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