Lamborghini Urus shakes up the establishment

and is destined for South Africa

Never did I think the day would come when new SUV’s would be the biggest news in motoring, but that day has arrived and with it the promise of the Sport SUV to trump all SUV’s. The Lamborghini Urus.

The Spec sheet

Lamborghini has never shied away from being the most brash brand on the block and the Urus is no exception. The 4.0 V8 engine pushes out 478kW and delivers 850Nm of torque at just 2250rpm.  The 8-speed gearbox puts power down through a 4WD drivetrain and 0-100 comes up in 3.6 seconds.  Top speed is said to be 305km/h.  All this from a car that weighs 2.2 tons.

Other highlights include a rear wheel steering, first used by Lamborghini on the Aventador.  A Torsen differential that can send up to  87% of the power to the rear, and 70 percent to the front.  The chassis is optimized for all road surfaces but let’s be honest, would YOU take your Lamborghini offroad?

It’s in the name

Lamborghinis have mostly been named after fighting bulls and with Urus the tradition continues… Urus is one of the large, wild ancestors of domestic cattle.  When it comes to naming conventions, it doesn’t get much cooler than this.

As seen above the interior is typically Lamborghini combining comfort and WOW factor in one very fast package.

There is no doubt that Audi had a hand in the concept and technology of the Urus, but will it live up to the essence of Lamborghini?  We all had our doubts with the first Audi Lambos, and they delivered.

Luckily South African Urus owners will be able to give us the verdict in just a few short months.

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