Is Renault’s Duster the most economical 4×4 on sale today?

Only one way to find out...

Renault’s Duster has flown below the radar when it’s economy, but it also has another trick up it’s sleeve. After experiencing the Duster on soft sand and bushveld I was convinced the dusters 4×4 lock mode would pretty much take me anywhere.

It doesn’t have the ground clearance of more purpose-built off-roaders, but when it comes to karting around your family off the beaten track, and saving you much-needed rands on the fuel bill, there is nothing quite like Duster. With the wind at our backs, we managed fuel consumption of around 4l/100 and averaged 6.5l/100 even with some wheel spinning antics.

Duster traversed routes it had no business being on. Ground clearance was the only concern.

Watch the video to see how much adventure just R300 diesel buys you in a Duster.



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