Mercedes Benz C63 now Proudly South African

Wednesday, 31 January 2018, saw the first-ever locally manufactured Mercedes-AMG C63 roll off the production line in East London. Mercedes-Benz South Africa confirmed that three AMG-models would be manufactured in South Africa for worldwide sales, specifically the Mercedes-AMG C43, C63 and C63S models.

A total of more than 1700 C43’s were exported from the local plant last year following a massive R200-million investment by Mercedes-Benz SA into the passenger car manufacturing facility for the AMG models.

“The production of the first Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 unit here in East London sees another exciting model added to our current C-Class family and further affirms the status of our plant as a key player in the Daimler global network. The distinct sportiness and power of the AMG brand is well recognised globally, and we are proud that the C63 model will be exported from our shores to customers all around the world. Following the launch of the Mercedes-AMG C43 model in 2017, the first production unit of the flagship C63 model is another great success for our plant and is testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees who continue to build world-class products at Mercedes-Benz South Africa,” says Andreas Engling, Mercedes-Benz South Africa CEO and Executive Director of Manufacturing.

It was necessary for Mercedes-Benz SA to bring in new technology and infrastructure in order to successfully produce vehicles of such a high-performance nature. Modifications and the installation of additional devices at different components of the factory, such as the engine and trim assembly stations, were made to ensure that production of the V8-powered AMG C63 and V6-powered C43 cars ran smoothly.

Local production will definitely have an effect on the future offers that Mercedes-Benz SA has for the performance C-Class models.


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