Is this the most beautiful concept car of 2018?

Mazda celebrated the end of January with the taste of victory after the Mazda VISION COUPE Concept car won the “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” award in Paris at the 33rd Festival Automobile International. The prestigious award was accepted by Mazda’s global design director, Mr Ikuo Maeda, at the exclusive event.

The jury behind the awards ceremony included several experts from the automotive, architectural and fashion industries. The VISION COUPE managed to outshine eight other concepts since its reveal in Tokyo back in October 2017, making it the second Mazda to win the award after the RX-VISION Concept in 2016.

The VISION COUPE will pave the way for Mazda’s future design language on vehicles such as the Mazda 3 and MX-5. The combination of a functional flowing sedan with a dramatic rear-positioned cabin reiterates the Japanese manufacturers’ intention towards designing high-performance sports cars with coupe styling cues. The silhouette of the coupe takes up what Mazda calls a “one-motion” form, expressing a sense of speed.

Let’s hope this makes it into production!

The interior of the concept is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and design, creating the perception of extra-space and tranquillity through clever utilization of three-dimensional depth. Finally, the name pays homage to the company’s 50-plus year tradition of elegant coupés, like the Mazda Luce Rotary, also known as the Mazda R130.


“The VISION COUPE uses reflections to express a sense of vitality, the next step for KODO design,” said Ikuo Maeda, whose full title is managing executive officer in charge of design and brand style. “This car embodies a delicate Japanese aesthetic, and to be recognized here in the ‘City of Art’ two years after the RX-VISION was awarded the same honour is very gratifying. We want to retain our identity as a Japanese brand as we continue making cars with global appeal.”


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