Audi’s new paint will be the death of stickers

The future of the car is relentlessly marching towards autonomous drive so when we get wind about innovations that don’t mention radar, sonar or a lead car, levels of intrigue around the office rise.

Audi’s prototype design allows symbols to be embedded in the paint so that unlike the stickers we’re accustomed to, these permanent designs will never fade or peel.

Currently Audi is using the R8 as its easel with the first close-to-perfection attempt comprising the Audi Sport logo on the carbon fibre air duct. Audi says any design that it doesn’t contravene trademark laws can be applied but for now is limiting it position to the intakes down the flanks.

First the lacquer needs to be roughened using a type of powder cocktail that Audi hasn’t given a name to and once down to a few thousandths of a millimetre the template design is placed on the car’s surface and then another powder of extreme secrecy is sprayed over. Sound easy, right?

Customising shops and hobbyists will soon get onto this, possibly creating the next chapter of exterior vehicle detailing as life after vinyl wrapping.





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